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Pricing Options

Getting Your GLO
If you’re ready to enjoy your summer GLO all year round, without baking on the beach, without dodgy tan lines, or harsh chemicals ... then we've got you covered. Buy now and book later!

Start off with one session or save by buying one of the amazing packs. Want to be one of our VIGs (Very Important GLO'ers)? Then get yourself one of the Membership plans.

Tan Sessions and Packs

Tan Upgrades

When you come into the studio choose any combination of these upgrades to enhance your spray tan.



A must-have! This Skin pH Balancing Intensifying Primer balances your skin's pH levels and conditions your skin to accelerate the development time and can really intensify your tan.



Because sometimes your legs just need that extra boost of colour. This upgrade means you can have an extra all round spray of your legs. Then you can literally step out with confidence!



There are definitely times when you'll want to go all out and get the deepest and most intense tan colour possible. We've got you covered with this extra full body spray upgrade.

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